Algebra Calculator

Algebra Calculator

We all had to solve algebra equations and other types of equations during the high school or secondary school. Sometimes everything works fine and you get the results in just a few steps, but there are also some complicated equations that give you real headaches. That’s the reason why you can always use an Algebra Calculator and see exactly how the equation is solved.

Using a calculator like this one you’ll be able to observe the step-by-step equation solving, and learn how to do it by yourself in the future. All you need to do is to enter the exact equation that you have to solve, and hit the solve button. You’ll get the final result and also all the steps to this final result.

Using an Algebra Calculator

It is important to use parenthesis and even brackets to express the exact equation that you want.

How the Algebra Calculator works?

Matrix A :

Matrix B :

Matrix C :


After entering the equation to calculate, the Algebra Calculator will simplify it, and then will attempt to solve it using elementary operations like subtraction, addition, division, factoring or even square root of each side.

If you’re not sure how to write some expressions or some operations that are included in your equations, don’t worry because it is pretty simple and you will learn it very fast. For example, if you’ll need to express an equation with exponents everything’s fine because the Algebra Calculator can take this type of operation.

For exponents you’ll have to use this sign “^” , and you’ll have something like “x^3”, which actually means x multiplied by x multiplied by x (x*x*x) . When you’re working with exponents, it is important to know that the exponent must be a positive integer, so you can’t use negative numbers, decimals and not even variables because the calculator won’t be able to solve your equation.

For the basic operations you’ll have to use the standard symbols: “+” for addition and “-” for subtraction, and “*” will be used for multiplication. Some Algebra Calculators will know that you wanted to express “2*x” even if you wrote just “2x”, but it doesn’t work for all of them. Some Algebra Calculators are able to calculate square root, and if you need to use this operation in your equations you should know that “sqrt” is the function for square root. You’ll have to use the parenthesis for this function, and you’ll write something like this: sqrt(4).

If you’re wondering what is the order of the operations for this Algebra Calculator, you should know that this tool respects the standard order that most of the people use. It starts with the parenthesis, exponents, multiplication and then the division, followed by the basics additions and subtractions.

Some Algebra Calculators don’t accept the division operation, and using it will result in an error. Be careful and avoid to use the division symbol “/” in your equations because the calculator might show an error due to this forbidden operation.

Let’s see how the Algebra Calculator works by getting a step-by-step explanation on the following equation: 4 * x = x -2 + 14

Firstly, we’ll place all the terms with “x” in the same side, and we’ll have: 4 * x – x = -2 + 14

The next step will be to calculate the terms with “x” and the terms from the right side of the equal sign. We will get: 3 * x = 12

Now, the final step will be to calculate “x”. It is easy because we don’t have any other operations or terms to calculate, and we’ll have x = 12/3. The final result will be x = 4.

This is the basic algorithm that this Algebra Calculator will use, but for larger equations the process will be more complex and we’ll have more operations and steps to do. In the end, it is not that important how many steps or operations we have, but the only important thing is to get the correct result.

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