BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Maybe you heard about BMI, or BMI Calculator but you don’t know exactly what this is. BMI is the abbreviation of Body Mass Index, a measurement for men and women’s bodies that will show you if your current weight is normal. A normal weight means that you’re in the limits, you’re normal: not underweight but also not overweight.

Knowing your BMI is important because this way you’ll know that your current weight is under control. If you’ll lose or gain weight and your BMI will show that you’re out of the limits, this can be something bad and you should consult a medical doctor as soon as possible. It can be something minor, but a sudden weight and BMI change could reveal an actual disease.

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How the BMI Calculator works?

The BMI Calculator has a very simple principle, and everything you need to know is your height and your weight. Also the sex and the age are important. There are a lot online BMI Calculators that will allow you to introduce the height, age, weight and sex and they will give you the exact BMI, but there is also a formula that will allow you to calculate your BMI every time you want.

There are two BMI Calculator formulas, one is for the US Units and the other for the Metric Units.

  • US Units: BMI =703 x ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches x Height in inches ))
  • Metric Units: BMI = ( Weight in Kilograms / ( Height in Meters x Height in Meters ))

As we said, if you know your height and your current weight you can easily calculate your Body Mass Index. After that, you can compare the result with the normal BMI limits. Depending on your result you can go ahead and find if there are any BMI Related Diseases.

If you know your BMI you can compare the result with the dates from the following table and see if everything’s fine with your current health. Keep in mind that if you used the BMI Calculator formula and your BMI is very different than the normal values, then there’s a problem and you should go see a doctor. You definitely have the ideal weight if your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9.

BMI Calculator results

BMI Calculator can tell you if you’re normal, underweight, obsese or overweight. This measurement of your body can’t tell you too many things about what’s happening with you or your body, so if your BMI isn’t in the normal interval you should definitely go to your medic. Also, if you have a normal BMI but you don’t feel great, it can be a sign of illness so, again, go and see your doctor.

As you see in the formula, the BMI Calculator is strongly connected with your height and your weight. You can have an ideal weight for your height, and the BMI will say that you’re normal, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any health problem.

The result of your BMI can classify you in a different category. If the result isn’t the best for you, don’t panic because there are a lot of treatments that can help you and improve your lifestyle. It is very important to do something, and one of the first steps that you can do is to ask a specialists for advice. If he will suggest you to follow a diet or to practice more sport, after a certain time don’t forget to use the BMI Calculator again to see if there are any improvements.

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