Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator

Tip CalculatorA tip is usually an amount of money, a percentage of the total money that a client has to pay for a service or for a product, that is not taxed. Depending on each country, the “tip culture” may differ, and also the tip percentage can be different.

A Tip Calculator is a simple method that will help you calculate the amount of money that you can offer as a tip after you tried a certain service or a product, like a wine, or some food. It is something very easy and you don’t have to worry about big mathematical equations or something like that.

There are also some domains or fields that don’t require tips, but if you want to be generous you don’t have to offer a certain amount, so you won’t need a calculator, but you can offer like $5, 10$, $20 or even more. Usually the tip is influenced by the quality of the service or the product that you received. People who are happy with what they got, will be more generous and will offer a bigger tip. It is the exact same thing about the people who aren’t that satisfied.

Using the Tip Calculator

Total bill amount : $

Tip Percentage: 0%

Tip to leave = $0.00

In most of the countries the tip percentage for restaurants or bars, for example, is something between 15% and 20%. How to calculate the tip from the amount of money that you have to pay? It is very simple. If you want to offer a 15% tip to the server, all you have to do is to multiply with 0.15 the amount that you have to pay, and that will be the tip.

Let’s have an example because this way it will be easier to understand. You decided that you want to offer a 15% tip from the total bill. Let’s say that the total bill for all your drinks and food in a restaurant is $100 or Euros, the currency isn’t that important. 15% from $100 will be $15. It means that if you want to offer a 15% tips, you’ll have to pay $115: $100 (the actual bill) + $15 (the tip).

A Tip Calculator will help you decide how much you’ll have to pay if you decide to offer tip for a certain service. It is very easy to use, and every person who has access to a mobile phone can say that has a Tip Calculator in its pocket.

If you want to offer a 20% tip, or even more, you can do the exact same calculations but instead of multiplying the total bill with 0.15 you’ll have to change and multiply with 0.2 or more, depending on how satisfied you are.

What are the services that require tip?

Most of the people, all over the world, offer tip when they go out to a restaurant or a bar, but what are the rest of the services that require tip?

People use to offer tip to the parking attendants, to tour guides, hotel room services, food delivery, hairstylist, barber, massages and even for taxi drivers, but keep in mind that it’s not a must to offer tips. For most of these services you can use a Tip Calculator to decide how much you’ll offer, but as we said in the beginning, there are some services that don’t require tip, but if you want to offer, you can give a $5 bill or more.

On the other hand, remember that there are people with certain jobs that make all their money from their tips, so try to help them make a decent living by offering the right tip. In this case, a Tip Calculator will help you make sure that you don’t offer too much, but also not less than normal.

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